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Common wealth forget their homeland

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September 20 "Zhejiang Daily" special edition article:

Universal - a sample of local businesses
Common wealth forget their homeland

□ reporter Sujing

Entrepreneurial vision
Lu Guanqiu Universal Group Chairman of the Board: I am a peasant origin, the original company has a lot of people are farmers, for farmers and rural areas have deep feelings. So, let more farmers brothers a better life, is a lifetime career.
In the "evergreen" universal groups, then start with the staff and Lu Guanqiu mostly stayed, and now the majority in important positions. They also have a "life-long employees" in the title, which means that they can enjoy retirement income equal treatment of service workers.
40 years, can not say what level of their culture, with its own drive, so universal, "from the fields to the world." Universal purpose of the enterprise in a word "for employees to create the future", appears in the universal, when employees feel that work here have a future, business development and growth to become a natural thing. Lu Guanqiu sometimes go to the shop and workers to understand their actual monthly income. Because retain staff, to keep the universal future, enterprises will continue to extend life.

Harmony tricks
"Two bags of input" (the pockets of the staff over his head but also full) is the universal harmony of tips. Whether the enterprise and employment policies, pay and benefits security system, or personnel training, staff training, protection of the democratic rights of employees, corporate culture, improve production and living conditions, had to fill staff around the "pocket" and "head" be.
- To "pocket" full faster. Although the financial crisis hit last year, but companies are still on schedule to complete the first four, "adding a zero-decade struggle" objective, corporate profits of breakthrough at the 1000 million, a key staff also received more than 1,000 million years income. In order to improve the income level staff, continuously universal status of the overall income of employees for statistical analysis, timely and crucial to improve grass-roots, the distribution of income standards hardship posts, and the monthly income of less than 2,500 yuan to analyze the working conditions of employees, help them overcome difficulties and improve the income levels.
Earlier this year, a subsidiary of Universal Group once again to give employees a clear income of the next three years to double the income of which front-line employees to an average of nearly 4 million last year on the basis of 8 million. In this regard, the Group conducts regular inspections.
- Let the "head" full up. After years of development, and now Universal has gradually formed a "new employee training program - staff re-training program - the elite training program" and the three levels, "Training - job training - the development of training" and other three modules multi-level training network. On this basis, the company also gives employees to self-education and self-realization for the purpose of self-development and corporate training, incentive, which constitutes a universal continuous, dynamic, full training and development system. Today, more than 20,000 employees in the universal, college education 4,500 people, including doctors and masters of more than 160 people and has a team of more than 400 senior technicians. Among these, there are many skills that the company personnel into the "head" when accumulated. Seize such opportunities, some of the employees in rural areas to achieve their own "transformation" and embark on more important jobs.

Staff voices
Bearing universal money flows assistant general manager Wang Jianliang: I graduated from high school in 1988 to universal, in the forging shop to do front-line workers, began to work, did not think of career planning such a thing. But looking back, it is because the company provided me, "knows the weight of children," the opportunity to provide me with professional skills, supervisors and other training opportunities, I go step by step is possible today. Now I am also required by the Group, to do the work of staff cohesion. We will arrange a day at noon manager shifts, soup in the cafeteria for employees, when they get hot line cool to the workshop, things are small, but they make people work more enjoyable.
Chapter constant velocity universal joint drive shaft, general manager of the National Day: I considered the universal old employee. In 1971, the predecessor of Universal Ning Wai agricultural machinery plant start-up years, I came, beginning to do the simple tools, did carpentry, blacksmith, mechanic. When I first entered the plant, Lu Guanqiu also doing blacksmith, I personally think he Shoubashoujiao workers blacksmith techniques. For a while, I wanted to leave the plant to the construction team to go, Lu Guanqiu know specifically, and I say, agricultural development is promising, but also, and I said, business development goals. I left.
To be honest, I never really think about your business changes so fast. When I went to the factory just to complete a first day, but because Lu Guanqiu organizations often use their spare time staff to attend training, I followed slowly explore together. Then I was sent overseas business visits, to 1995, I was also the company to study Economics and Management, Tsinghua University. Carpenter can do this sake, the value. Lu Guanqiu glad I listened to the words of the year stayed, and now it seems that he said the year has already exceeded the goal of enterprise development.