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Leading high-end independent of the second five-equipment manufacturing industry

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Hundred years ago, the first time the Chinese people understand that a strong country needs a strong industrial support. When the pace of the world into the machine to produce the core of modern industrial revolution, the fundamental Fuguojiangbing people's attention will be firmly locked in the "industrial machine tools," said the equipment manufacturing industry. Over the past hundred years, China has become one of the best world, "manufacturing country", labeled "Made in China" label and equipment throughout the world.
However, the China International Engineering Consulting Corporation in a recent research report that when people carriers and high-tech equipment manufacturing as a bridge between productive forces and further deepen the understanding of emerging information technology, nuclear technology, space technology, etc. are all needed innovation through the creation of high-end equipment manufacturing industry came out, the Chinese from "manufacturing power" to "manufacturing power," turn becomes imminent. Therefore, the study report, vigorously strengthen independent innovation, promote the intelligent manufacturing, precision manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, green manufacturing four in one, through the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, taking the composite and independent domestic, industrial and information technology integration of the road, side is the "second five" the only way for China during the equipment manufacturing industry

Break through bottlenecks in high-end components

July 2010, China's first experimental fast reactor critical success, located in the suburbs of Beijing, China Experimental Fast Reactor Engineering Department, the reporter saw more than 200 systems, equipment of more than 7000 sets of the first set of Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor. Zhang Donghui, general manager of Engineering proudly: "This is inside the exception of a few key equipment imported from abroad, the other entirely by domestic design and manufacture of equipment localization rate of 70%." Among them, the fast reactor core - reactor vessel Manufacturing equipment is undoubtedly the most difficult.

12 meters high, 8 meters in diameter, wall thickness 25 mm, the internal components as many as 55,000, the total weight 700 tons of reactor vessel is a large thin-walled vessel, manufacturing is extremely difficult. The difficulty is welding, heat treatment, machining accuracy and long-distance transport. The slightest mistake, resulting in rework or scrap to possible significant losses.

CFHI (5.34,0.03,0.56%) Group together with the Atomic Energy Institute in this joint design and undertake large-scale non-standard equipment manufacturing and installation, and to achieve a successful manufacturer, a transport success, a successful installation. Created a fast reactor, high-quality large nuclear equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing industry in China has created a new record of independent innovation. This success indicates that our ability to design and manufacture of nuclear equipment, has made new breakthroughs.

The rapid development of nuclear power equipment is a microcosm of China's equipment manufacturing industry. In the engineering machinery, numerical control machine tools, automobiles and auto parts and many other areas, China's equipment manufacturing industry, new achievements, high-end equipment, self-sufficiency rate continues to increase. "We have now entered the world-class manufacturer of the ranks of big leaf" Yan, general manager of Wuxi Turbine Blade Co. Qi said, "Now Wuxi Turbine Blade in the independent research and development, based on the products exported to Japan, Germany, United States , India and other countries. "

Can be said that China's equipment manufacturing system very well. As long as the equipment can be found in our manufacturing enterprises, which in foreign countries do not. And the overall size of China's equipment manufacturing industry, leading the industry to maintain continuous export surplus, achieved a historic turning point. 2003-2008 average annual growth of 28% of total imports and exports. Exports for the first time since 2006 is greater than imports, trade surplus reached 15.7 billion U.S. dollars to the 2007 and 2008, the trade surplus continued to increase.

Machinery Industry Information Institute, Institute of Strategy and Planning, Shi Yong, director admits: "It is indeed very high speed, from the size of China's equipment manufacturing industry, China's equipment manufacturing industry output value reached 14 trillion yuan, or about 2.0167 trillion U.S. dollars, slightly higher than the U.S. (1.98 trillion U.S. dollars), far more than Japan (1.56 trillion U.S. dollars) and Germany ($ 1,325,100,000,000), industry scale ranks first in the world to achieve a historic breakthrough. "

And in the national economy, the status of the pillar industries of equipment manufacturing industry is more apparent. In 2008, China's equipment manufacturing sales value of 13.7 trillion yuan, accounting for 27.6%; export delivery value of 4.4 trillion yuan, accounting for 53.2%; employees 2,333.6 million, accounting for 26.4% of industrial employees.

Increased size at the same time, equipment manufacturing capability of independent innovation is strengthened.

"This year there are a lot of equipment manufacturing industry heavyweight product launch: 700,000 kilowatts of hydropower and one million kilowatts class ultra-supercritical thermal power units available, 1.65 million tons of free forging presses and operation of third generation nuclear power and other key technology to obtain competent Road breakthroughs, the world's first ± 800 kV UHV DC power transmission from Yunnan project will be completed ⋯ ⋯ "as a struggle over forty years in the old machinery industry experts, vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation Zhu Sen told reporters that the first excited .

Gengrang Zhu Sen s pleased that the equipment manufacturing industry innovation is the key to matching by the host level to level advance parts: the Western Electric Company and TBEA built a high level of AC-DC high-voltage insulated bushings rolling production line, About Group successful development of large-scale direct drive wind power equipment for the required frequency control system, long distance gas pipelines with a large localization of the valve are a breakthrough. "The key components of the equipment manufacturing industry long-term control of others. The key components are often more difficult than the host R & D, can now achieve a breakthrough on the key components, are representatives of the core technical capabilities of the equipment manufacturing industry improved." Zhu Sen first said.

"Twelve five" self-supporting as bright spot

Globally, the United States, Japan, Germany, the world follows the control of all power equipment manufacturing high-tech, high value-added concept of equipment design and manufacturing, to promote the industry to improve the overall quality, attention to optimize the use of high technology to upgrade traditional equipment manufacturing, attention to the extreme manufacturing, maintaining industry advantage.

According to Zhu Sen first, at present, although our equipment has reached self-sufficiency rate of 85%, but mainly concentrated in the low-end market, high-end equipment is still mainly rely on imports.

"These high-end equipment, the profit margin is much higher than industry average profit margin," Zhu Sen first said, "So, self-sufficiency rate is 85% or 90% less important, as important is the high-end equipment can not be self-sufficient".

"Our high-end equipment, electrical equipment is the most prominent achievements in independent innovation in areas of conventional thermal power equipment, we have done very well, but nuclear and gas power generation equipment, instrumentation and control system is still partially dependent on imports," Shi Yong said, "Other The same is true in many areas, progress rapidly but the gap is still not small. like a high-end control system, we are still far from meeting the domestic demand. "

First appears in Zhu Sen, the current international high-end equipment manufacturing industry, mainly to the following two trends, one towards the ultra, ultra fine development, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) as information and communication, bio-medical, automotive, military and other fields One of the key technologies. On the other hand, the power, petrochemical, metallurgical industry represented a major technical equipment is moving in the super-oriented direction.

More and more companies recognize the competitive products, the technology behind the competition; and technology, competition, underpinned by the innovative ability of the competition.

Thus, the consultative research note the company to rely on major projects to enhance the capability of independent innovation of China's equipment manufacturing industry will become the next 5 years the focus of the task.

From the "Eleventh Five-Year", China began to speed up major key technologies and major innovations integrated innovation, began implementing the "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" and other areas of major projects. First appears in Zhu Sen, adhering to gentrification, information, and sets into the main line to high-end CNC machine tools and other basic equipment, related industries and the national economy of major special equipment needed to focus on the idea of "second Five-Year" in China basic parts, CNC system and so set up a special task all the more urgent. In the consultation report recommends the implementation of specific infrastructure components, the country can focus on high-end bearings, large casting and forging, hydraulic components (pumps, valves), nuclear grade pump (valve) and so the implementation of special, for financial support.

In addition, the reporter in the previous interview that the process of self-important energy equipment has been put on the agenda, the National Energy Board has approved the two groups gradually National Energy Center, not only to overcome the nuclear power, wind power and other industries face the process of self- problems, more active development of oil and gas resources in deep-sea equipment, desalination equipment, and other areas had a slower progress in key R & D and actively promote the development of related technologies and equipment.

Consultative report from the company can learn, as the equipment manufacturing industry even more depth and information integration, strengthening and expanding its equipment manufacturing industry should take in the information technology-based embedded products has become the industry consensus. Achieve equipment and products, digital, intelligent, electronic equipment, engineering machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, medical equipment and other products as the focus, the establishment of digital equipment development of the technology platform, breaking equipment, digital common key technologies, upgrading equipment and technology level The same will be the next main equipment manufacturing restructuring initiatives.

Call of high-end equipment, industrial clusters
"The equipment manufacturing industry in China has achieved remarkable achievements, but we are still only a big country, not really create power," Shi Yong, the lack of self-design capability, lack of core technology development of the industry has become the biggest bottleneck . He told reporters that a key development in the state identified 16 areas of major technical equipment, a considerable part of the product technology is still blank, many of the core technologies and key products still rely on imports. Although some equipment to achieve the domestic manufacturing, but the lack of independent design capability, did not grasp the core technology. Excessive pursuit of short-term corporate interests, for new products, new technology and inadequate investment in new technology research and development, less original technological achievements.

Domestic equipment, the gap between business and international giants that be?

Let us briefly make a comparison, General Electric, as the equipment manufacturing industry giant, in 2009 annual revenues of up to 157 billion U.S. dollars, while China's largest equipment manufacturing companies (excluding automakers) China Machinery Industry Group operating income last year, just over 100 billion yuan. Size of the gap, it is more important is the lack of equipment enterprise core competitiveness of most products, while the weak capacity of infrastructure facilities, many of the key components were imported.

According to report, China's machine tool industry in 2009, output has ranked first in the world to achieve a "thriving", but still is the world's machine tool imports superpower, economic construction, high-end CNC machine tools needed to rely mainly on imports. Although a relatively complete industrial chain, but the development of high-end CNC machine tools and functionality required for numerical control system components mainly from the outside; although the number of the world's largest machine tool manufacturer, but the lack of well-known multinational and world-class Machine Tool Group "sophisticated, special, special" little giant enterprises.

Zhu Sen first told reporters that the equipment manufacturing industry is now generally low level of overall profits face the dilemma. Although the number of backbone enterprises of the industry developed rapidly, but the production scale, low economic efficiency, has seriously hampered the enterprises bigger and stronger.

As a machine the "brains" of the NC system, which is to evaluate the level of an important indicator of the machine tool industry. At present, China has formed a central NC, Canton NC, Shenyang high-precision, Dalian Koyo, aerospace CNC and a number of numerical control system backbone enterprises, have a certain foundation, in the economic numerical control system in the formation of scale advantages, leading the domestic market, achieve universal CNC system production in the market place, but in the high-end CNC systems still can not compare Japan FANUC and SIEMENS of Germany, can not shake the monopoly of foreign brands. Shenyang Machine Tool Group's sales have been among the world's top 10, but its high-end CNC system has no say in price negotiations, the core problem is the lack of high-end CNC system in China.

Advisory firm in the report points out that industry concentration is not high is one of the constraints. China's equipment manufacturing industry internationally competitive enterprise groups small, around the large enterprise has not yet formed industrial clusters, regions of the same structure, large and small and complete production still exists, not only with the lateral face serious competition, and also face the vertical chain is not perfect, lack of effective coordination of upstream and downstream enterprises of the problem.

The bearing industry, for example, nearly 80% of the world bearing is produced by the eight multinational companies, located in the United States, Japan, Europe, and about 6,000 of up bearing house bearing top 10 companies total sales of only accounting industry for nearly 40% share, while the Swedish company SKF Bearing sales equivalent to the sum of nearly a thousand companies in sales. Situation is more severe agricultural machinery industry, the industry output value of one year only one year equivalent to the U.S. Deere R & D investment.